Sunday, January 8, 2012

Homemade Semifreddo

Semifreddo means half-frozen in Italian. Even though it is frozen, it doesn't freeze as hard as regular icecream because it has eggwhites and cream in the ingredients.

We have been enjoying this, even though it does take a lot of bowls to make, it's pretty easy, and  very creamy! You have to make it a day ahead of when you want it, although my husband argued that and dug in on the night I made it - actually it was pretty frozen already. I don't have a very pretty photo of mine, but this one will suffice in the meantime.


300ml cream
1 TBSP icing sugar
3 eggs, seaparated
3 TBSP caster sugar (for yolks)
1/4 cup caster sugar (for whites)
Flavouring of choice

Line a 1.5 litre mould with plastic wrap, or use a container with a lid.
Lightly whip cream with icing sugar
Using an electric mixer, beat egg yolks with the first measure of caster sugar unti lthick and pale.
Using a clean bowl and cleaned and dried beaters, beat egg whites to soft peaks. Add second measure of caster sugar and beat until thickened.

Gently fold together egg whites, cream and yolks. Start by folding a little cream into the egg whtie to lighten it and make mixing easier.

Add flavouring of choice then spoon mixtur in container, cover and freeze for at least 8 hours - overnight if possible. Makes about 1.5 litres.

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